Nelson Tango

was born in Cartagena, Colombia. From his early stages in life, he lived in a different city every year due to his father’s military career. Year after year, Nelson had to make new friends and adapt to different environments. When he turned 18, Nelson decided to leave his mother land and venture into the United States of America by himself. Nelson Tango started a new life with only $100 dollars in his pocket. He went to college to study Business Administration but after two years of schooling he dropped out. He had the desire of becoming an entrepreneur


Nelson Tango lived in Miami Beach, Florida for a few years where the party scene influenced his views on life and eventually led him to divorce his young wife.  In 2008, Tango joined the U.S. Marines where he served honorably as an Infantryman with multiple combat tours to Afghanistan. While in the Marines, Tango finished his education with a degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Forensic Science.

  • Tango enjoys to be constantly on the move and has lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, California and Florida.  During his free time, Nelson likes to run, travel, sail and live an agitated social life..
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  • At the age of 34 and after several failed sentimental relationships, Tango decides to write his first book.  He sells everything that he owns and rebels against a financial system that is based on accumulating debt and being tied to responsibilities.  In 2016, he goes on a world book writing tour, where Tango visited over 60 nations in less than a year while writing his first masterpiece, A Diamond Encrusted Penis.
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  • Tango is looking forward to writing many more books where he likes to analyze certain aspects of modern day society. Tango is a firm believer of freedom in all of its expressions. He has decided to live life as a bachelor and has taken the decision not to ever have children or get married. Tango travels constantly around the world while observing human behavior and writing stories.