Fantasia and The Tango Foundation

I travel the world with my stuffed animal companion named Fantasia. She gives me joy and makes me feel that I have something to care for. I take pictures of her in monuments around the main cities of the world.

When children see her,

they immediately smile and tell those around them that they have spotted a pink unicorn. Fantasia represents that child that I will never have. She keeps my heart soft when life is chaotic and violent around the world.

The main idea is

to have her manufacturer send boxes full of unicorns to Africa and other regions of the world where I can personally deliver Fantasias to children who need hope and laughter.

That is the reason we have created The Tango Foundation,

where I will deposit one dollar of every book that I sell as a writer. We will team up with the private sector and other charities in place to help the poor children of the world. Currently, we are trying to contact her manufacturer Ty Inc. and The Beanie Boo’s Collection.



We will help and contribute to a better tomorrow. I was selfish enough to not want my own children and the least I can do is help children with a percentage of my book sales. I live a life of fantasy, Fantasia makes my life and their life better.