I guarantee you that reading ``A DIAMOND ENCRUSTED PENIS`` will be an exciting wild ride!

About the Book

Short stories a of an eternal bachelor

Book Launch

The book will be released on 11 November 2016 through Amazon and Smashwords. If you prefer a printed copy, Createspace or Ingramspark will ship it to you.

One of the main reasons ...

Why this book is extremely special is because it has been written from: the United States, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, England, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Colombia.

The book was written

using common street language with a touch of raw/real approach. Nelson Tango breaks most rules of literature in his book and hopes to spread his message around the world for future generations to come. The book could potentially make you angry, blush, laugh, hate the main character and even wonder what your life would have been like if you would let your inner Alex loose.


This book will only cost $9.99 US dollars


`` I no longer care about other people's opinion. If you get offended by my writing, that is your problem. In order to be truly free, I have disconnected from that disease we call society.``

The World Book Writing Tour

The book was written from over 25 countries in Europe. The author then headed to South America and Asia in search of inspiration. A Diamond Encrusted Penis was written from airplanes, buses, trains, hotels and park benches. The final editing took place in Hawaii and Alaska. Cheers, never stop exploring!

Reasons to read the book

The book continues to be a work in progress and will soon have some of its chapters written from Russia, India, Nepal, Asia and the Pacific Islands as I continue my tour around the world.

It is a gratifying

experience to be able to absorb different cultures and meet people around the world.

Most of my chapters

tell stories about people that I meet in my travels, especially when I get involved with beautiful ladies. It has been a challenging task to be constantly on the move around the world and find the time to write and edit.


The main

character of this book is Alex. He is a successful bachelor who loves women and is fascinated by their beauty. He constantly struggles with the concept of monogamy and boredom.

Alex was traumatized

by his last three girlfriends who are featured in chapters of this book. He dissects women, cheaters, prostitutes, marriage, children and even himself throughout the story line. This book is a blunt and creative expression of not caring about public opinion and doing whatever makes you happy.


Short stories of an eternal bachelor